9^3 Squares


2019 - Ongoing
Digital Exhibition curated by Jonathan Rieke and Emily Mohr

9^3 Squares is an architecture exhibition that is based on the familiar logic of the 9-square design problem in architecture. Using Instagram’s readymade image display format - the continuous grid of squares, 3 across and infinitely long - 9^3 Squares collects individual image files, each created by an individual designer to produce a continuous interior. This interior only exists on the internet, an exquisite-corpse-like quilt that, once completed, will be 3 rooms wide and 243 rooms long.

9^3 Squares treats each grid tile as a plan view of a room. The room provides the framework for the digital exhibition, it is the space that each architect, artist, and designer is responsible to represent. The space of the room can be represented in any projection, so long as the specified abstract zoning envelope for the image is maintained. Instead of describing this envelope in terms of feet or meters, the dimension of each room is defined to be 2048 x 2048-pixels. This creates a similarity of size but allows for a flexibility of scale and depth relative to the plane of the screen. Each edge of the square image must be split with a 400-pixel wide opening so that adjacent rooms can interface with one another. This leaves 824 pixels on either side of the 400-pixel opening in the center of the edge. It is important that these zoning guidelines be maintained rigorously. 9^3 Squares is designed to showcase 729 interior rooms designed by 729 unique participants, so adherence to the image zoning guidelines is critical to the success of the project. Other than this, the design of the room is up to the individual contributor.

This project is ongoing and we are still soliticting contributions from interested designers. If you are interested in participating please message us at @refworks or email us at jon@mrstudio.us and we can send you the details!